ICPSwap Airdrop R2 Results Announcement

Dear ICPSwap community,

We opened the Airdrop R2 in June and received over 40,000 applications. At the same time, we received a lot of constructive suggestions. This outcome has accelerated the process of completing our product and improve the user experience. But most importantly, this achievement comes from the ICPSwap community. Thank you for your unprecedented support and participation in the event.

We selected 15,919 eligible mates from over 40,000 applications based on answering correctly our questions, complete content, comments of at least 10 words and of course we exclude the bots; giving away 4 levels of airdrops of 500 ICS, 119 ICS, 28 ICS and 10 ICS respectively.

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VERY IMPORTANT: Further reminder, the ICS Token has not been minted and issued yet, please be careful of any private sale, public sale and/or other type of scams. We are in the process of matching with investment institutions and will have good news to share with our amazing community soon.

The airdrop will be allocated to the winners’ ICP-wallets address registered on the form. Any news of the ICS Token launch, public sale, airdrop rewards or listing will be announced in our official TG, Twitter and Medium accounts. Be aware and mindful of that.

We will release an official statement regarding this matter as soon as everything is confirmed. Please stay tuned.

PS: Here the most outstanding comments and suggestions:


This is a good function, I think more functionality is needed: lending and transfer , in addition, it is necessary to have a function that integrates with the swaps of the ERC20 network, BSC, …Uniswap and Pancakeswap,… adding the NTFs swap function…more functions associated with coinbase wallets, binance wallets, metamask wallets. Need to simplify the function of creating ICP address on nns.ic0.app difficult to do, to attract investors need to regularly have airdrop promotions, raise the annual interest rate when investors contribute pools, regularly promote marketing to make a difference from existing swap networks such as Uniswap, Bscswap, 1inchswap because there are too many swaps in the market right now, it does not make a difference that it will not be enough to attract investors to the system.


Awesome work from the team, suggestion is to work more on publicity which can be achieve through marketing furthermore to bring in more partnership. Also searching for the way forward, as we search for the way forward in this changed environment, brands that keep these three consumer trends — and three business opportunities — top-of-mind will be able to approach decisions with greater clarity and confidence:

-Embrace acceleration

-Be fast and helpful

-Build trust, every time

Businesses can show up at the right time and provide consumers with the information and reassurance they need to make the right decisions by leveraging new insights and automation.

Thanks for the great opportunity given to us to express our mind and to give suggestions that will benefit the project. I believe is already a successful project.


I need fully Dexchange have smooth and fastest transaction with low gas fee. No more token scams on that exchange with highest security for trader. Because like you see eth, bsc, sol Dexchange swap have no any protection for their trader. A lot of scam projects have been added every day to scam. With me if I have coin to sell I sell no more get invest on this. Beside that you need good UI and have no delay for any swap. Just connect wallet and take 2 clicks for 1 trade. Have cloudflare for ddos and blocked cheater. Because they use tool to cheat.


I have a few comments about the ICPSwap project as follows:

1. You guys did a great job with the mobile UI and I love it, it’s a big breakthrough but it’s still not good because the overview is not very good, it should add more shapes and colors to make it look more vivid

2. Access speed is good and I find this to be an important thing, speed is fast enough to make users feel comfortable

3. Overall, the project’s media did a good job, twitter and telegram regularly post updates about the project and this will help users get to know you better and it helps the project get closer to you. many users

3.One more thing, the support team did a very good job, quickly and full of information

Thank you and I hope this project will develop quickly and strongly in the near future.

Best regards


1. The transaction speed should be relatively faster

2. Pages should not be complicated

3. To be very safe, don’t be attacked casually

4. It is not easy for retail investors to make some money

5. The goal must be long-term, don’t care too much about speed, and want efficiency and speed to coexist

6 What I want to say most is that ICP money is not particularly good for wallet users, and some people have not successfully registered wallets for a long time. The requirements for equipment are a little too high. Because you are all in this chain after all

7. If you can be a co-governing community, it would be better. You can make a plan or plan according to the vote

8. The model can be slightly novel. If it is the same, it would be too boring

Finally, I wish the project a great success and everyone will work hard together.




User growth is another pillar of success. Current barrier is that they are not aware of Dfinity and how to setup or transfer funds there. If we can demonstrate them without they are having hassle to transfer funds and all, then it will be really motivate the large number of user to try out platform.

Once you bring the user to the platform and they stay what else do we need. Plz give a thought how can adoption increases to large number of people. Break any barrier they have. It will be a game changer.

Once people try the platform with zero trouble and they will enjoy using the platform then it’s a win-win thing. Ppl will surely use our platform.


I think an excellent blockchain project needs the following conditions:

1. A public chain is required:

-The public chain can be a project that quickly departs from conceptualization and is actually used in life;

-The market share is large enough to form a huge development space;

-Eliminating the difference and keeping the good, technically can achieve a complete set of manifestations.

2. The legality of the project:

Whether a project is of high quality, compliance and legality are the key. Many blockchain tokens are now considered to be air coins and MLM coins. The main reason is that these projects are illegal and non-compliant. When an enterprise is carrying out a blockchain project, it is very important that the project is legal and compliant. Cannot challenge the bottom line of supervision, this is an issue that investors need to pay special attention to when selecting projects.

3. The project needs to have landing applications:

The final form of blockchain applications must definitely serve entities and society. Any project that does not have an entity landing and does not serve the entity is hype, and it is a worthless air project. In addition, a good blockchain project requires self-hematopoietic function, and in the long run, it can develop for a long time.

So I hope this project will be successful.

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